Short Course: Basics of Open Channel Hydraulics

7th IAHR ISHS 2018: May 15th to 18th 2018, Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Short Course Description

On Monday, 14th May 2018, an additional full-day short course on basics of open channel hydraulics - given by Prof. Hubert Chanson - is offered!

The course is an introduction to the hydraulics of open channel flows. The material is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students in civil, environmental and hydraulic engineering, as well as young professionals and early-career researchers. It will be assumed that the participants have had an introductory course in fluid mechanics and that they are familiar with the basic principles of fluid mechanics: continuity, momentum, energy and Bernoulli principles.

The course will develop the basic principles of fluid mechanics with applications to open channels. Open channel flow calculations are more complicated than pipe flow calculations because the location of the free-surface is often unknown a priori (i.e. beforehand). An overview of the Workshop Program follows:

Short Course Program

  1. Introduction to open channel flows                                                                         
  2. Basic principles of open channel flows                                                                   
  3. Application of the Bernoulli principle to open channel flows: short and smooth transitions
  4. Application of the momentum principle to open channel flows: hydraulic jumps, flow resistance, uniform equilibrium flow       
  5. Gradually-varied steady open channel flow: hydraulic engineering of long channels and backwater calculations         

CHANSON, H. (2004). "The Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow: An Introduction." Butterworth-Heinemann, 2nd edition, Oxford, UK, 630 pages (ISBN 978 0 7506 5978 9).


Instructor information:

Prof. Dr. Hubert Chanson

Professor (full) at
The University of Queensland

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